Participants include Murray Reams, Bob Jordan, Chis Turner, Gil Fray , David Doyle and Lenny Kaye. Volume III is more of the same although I focus on cover versions of Ghosts by Albert Ayler and my own How Can You Kill me I’m Already Dead and experimented with piling up multiple recordings. More musicians are involved including saxophonists wandering in off the street, many unidentified.

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  1. Bitches Brew Eugene Chadbourne 1:05
  2. Rolling Tone Eugene Chadbourne 1:04
  3. Jack Johnson Dustbuster Eugene Chadbourne 0:56
  4. Let's Go Back In Time Eugene Chadbourne 0:53
  5. Burma Shave Eugene Chadbourne 1:03
  6. City Of Corruption Eugene Chadbourne 0:57
  7. They Can Make It Rain Bombs Eugene Chadbourne 1:00
  8. Ayler Tribute - Ghosts Eugene Chadbourne 1:04