Ollie's Playhouse   1:35
How Can You Kill Me (I'm Already Dead)   4:16
8 Miles High   4:21
Women Against Porno   2:48
Purple Haze   2:22
The Plunger   1:53
Oh Yoko! / Wichita Train   4:29
Ramblin' Man   2:38
I Must Have Been Blind   4:55
Big Boys With Little Balls   3:12
Untitled    2:05
Lucifer Sam   5:24
Price Of Paradise
In The Cemetery   3:25
Monk Medley   4:59
Permanent Lonely   3:29
Secret Of The Cooler

Also released on vinyl and an accompanying video, featuring different versions of some of the same songs, was distributed under the same title. House of Chadula CD reissue in 2000.

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