Mixed Gallery 1975-2016 Part 1

A mixture of images collected over the years. Unfortunately, in the chaos of time many of the sources for these have been lost. Here's what we do know:

05/2003 Zoey's Cafe Ventura,CA w/Jeff Kaiser & Jeremy Drake - courtesy of Glenn Morgan
Aki Takase Quartet Piacenza Italy - March 7, 2010 the Fats Waller Project - courtesy of Danilo Codazzi
Chicago @ Enemy 05/28/09 - courtesy of Tony Trigilio
EC & Bruce Ackley 10/18/2010 - courtesy of Michael Zelner
EC Newcastle 09/2010 - courtesy of George Milburn
Scott Sawyer, Eugene Chadbourne, David Licht & Carla - courtesy Scott Sawyer
09/17 2000 Toronto, Canada - courtesy of David Sait
North Carolina 2015-2016 shows - courtesy of  Heather Bachelder

If you can provide attribution for any of these images, please let us know so we can give proper credit where due!