eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jimmy carl black (on tape): narration  disc one, 2
mrs. molly chadbourne
ms. elisabeth chadbourne
ms. jenny chadbourne
col. david menestres
countess carrie shull
sir david doyle
mounsier laurent estoppey
general 'jimmy' gilmore
archbishop joe westerlund

disc one

  1. get off my cloud
  2. take your clothes off when you dance  (frank zappa), featuring jimmy carl black (on tape)
  3. how insensitive
  4. hallelujah
  5. i'm a bum
  6. bullshit of my tweets
  7. uhuru sassa
  8. cardboard box
  9. gimme some lovin'
  10. hot and cold
  11. live's a gas
  12. johnny's garden
  13. the dentist
  14. the way i am
  15. jackson's storms never lasts
  16. travelin' soldier
  17. nazi punks off

disc two

  1. old piano
  2. nut medley
  3. roar
  4. song for che people united
  5. reverend king
  6. wiping carolina on our behinds
  7. song of the wall
  8. just dropped in
  9. ode to an outhouse
  10. mean
  11. girl from al queda
  12. kkkremlin
  13. song for aging children
  14. girl in a country song
  15. oil of hate
  16. no scrubs
  17. wishing well

The amazing sounds of the 2017 IWW Band are now here for the enjoyment of one and all, thanks to the folks who managed to limp down to Neptune’s for the January Monday night series, this gathering of performers including all three of my daughters and some of my longest-running cohorts pulled off a repertoire of pieces that should both satisfy and surprise my followers.  I defy anyone to come up with a band with a set list such as this!

These are exciting live recordings originating with a ZOOM but treated to extensive editing, EQ and mastering until we have a sound that is really fun to listen to.