Recordings of several projects from the good Doctor, including solo concerts, a radio appearance, the studio project with Pink Bob & Brian Ready, and a preview from the band project "This is Our Gorditas!" Adrift includes "Shot by the Sheriff" concerning the assasination of a hippie kid up in Nederlands, Colorado 'back in the day' and was first performed at a show in Nederlands right down the street from where it all happened! Other new tracks include the shitkicking banjo title piece, also "House Hunt", "Circle Song", "Forward and Back". New versons of "The Dentist", "Hendrix Buried in Tacoma" and more, best of all each copy of this current edition comes with a [clean] sock!

1. Shot By the Sheriff 7:18
2. House Hunt 9:13
3. The Dentist 4:56
4. The Moutain Men 4:20
5. The Old Piano 4:50
6. Adrift 7:06
7. Circle Song 5:20
8. Hendrix Buried in Tacoma 5:04
9. Needle in a Tub 3:29
10. Radio Tidbit 0:45
11. New New New War 5:46
12. Forward and Back 3:59

Track 1, 6, 11 at Boulder House Concert
Tracks 5, 10 at Fort Collins radio
Track 12 Pink Bob studio Lexington III
Tracks 2, 7 Solo home mulitracks. Tracks 3, 8 Pink Bob ongoing studio project
Tracks 4, 9 a preview from "This Is Our Gorditas!"

Eugene Chadbourne-guitars, banjo, bajo sexto, vocals
Brian Ready-drums (tracks 3, 8)
Pink Bob Harper-organ (tracks 3, 8)
Redd Volkaert-telecaster (tracks 4, 9)
Walter Daniels-harmonics (tracks 4, 9)
Earl Poole Ball-piano (tracks 4, 9)
Ernie Durawa-drums