Released 2011

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"A live recording of a concert at the Dandelion Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, February of 1997. A duet with bassist Billy McCarroll, the program includes what were new compositions at the time: "Marcella Bienvenue", "Amber", "You've Got to Draw the Line Somewhere" and "What is Pointed in One Direction and Headed in the Other?" "The Floyd Dan Radio Show" is a solo on the prepared Harmony 12-string used on my first Parachute recordings. There are also versions of "Ruby My Dear" by Thelonious Monk and "245" by Eric Dolphy."-Eugene Chadbourne

Recorded by Wade McGregor at the Dandelion Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Digitally remastered.

Eugene Chadbourne-acoustic guitar
Billy McCarroll-acoustic bass

1. Marcella Bienvenue 3:10
2. Ruby My Dear 6:40
3. 245 6:34
4. What is Pointed in One Direction and Headed in the Other? 5:46
5. Floyd Dan Radio Show 16:11
6. Amber 6:28
7. You've Got to Draw the Line Somewhere 9:29