House of Chadula 2012

The two disc set collects all the covers of Albert Ayler pieces that I could find in my catalog, solos and ensembles, various times, dates and recording quality, live & studio combined. ***** and all the stars in the sky for Albert Ayler.

“Doc Chad arranges and performs a vital section of the Albert Ayler songbook in a 2-CD release featuring solo settings to a quintet with musicians including Charles Tyler, Massimo Pupillo, Ted Reichman, Joe Williamson, &c. Ayler tunes covered include 4 versions of “Ghosts”, 2 of “Prophecy”, 2 of “Witches and Devils”, plus “Change Has Come”, “Truth Comes Marching In”, &c. Eugene Chadbourne is an extremely informed jazz historian, and his arrangements of these classic U.S. free jazz compositions represent a unique take on an important artist whose voice still resonates with modern improvised music.

CD 1
1. Omega Is The Alpha 9:46
2. Ghosts 10:44
3. Prophecy 7:03
4. La Marseillese 7:16
5. Prophecy 9:42
6. Ghosts 4:20
7. Infinite Spirit 8:00
8. Light in the Darkness 9:15
9. Change Has Come 8:55 
CD 2
1. Witches and Devils 8:36
2. Spirits 5:19
3. Ghosts 8:59
4. Ghosts 5:27
5. Witches and Devils 7:22
6. The Father The Son The Holy Ghost 8:26
7. Truth Comes Marching In 8:26 

Eugene Chadbourne-arrangements, guitars, banjo
Roy Paci-trumpet
Massimo Pupillo-bass
Jacopo Battaglia-drums
Joe Williamson-bass
Uli Jennessen-drums
Eena Ballard-electric viola
Joee Conroy-electric guitar, violin, cello, mandolin
Steve Good-clarinets, alto saxophone
Norman Minogue-theramin, drums
Brian Ritchie-bass, bugle, home made clarinet
Carrie Shull-oboe
Frank Lowe-tenor saxophone
Charles Tyler-baritone saxophone
Charles Turner-harmonica
Evan Gallagher-keyboards, percussion
Ted Reichman-accordion, keyboards

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  1. Omega S The Alpha Eugene Chadbourne 0:35
  2. Ghosts Eugene Chadbourne 0:31
  3. Prophecy Eugene Chadbourne 0:40
  4. La Marseillese Eugene Chadbourne 0:40
  5. Prophecy Eugene Chadbourne 0:33
  6. Ghosts Eugene Chadbourne 0:35
  7. Infinite Spirit Eugene Chadbourne 0:35
  8. Light in the Darkness Eugene Chadbourne 0:35
  9. Change Has Come Eugene Chadbourne 0:37

  1. Witches and Devils Eugene Chadbourne 0:34
  2. Spirits Eugene Chadbourne 0:35
  3. Ghosts Eugene Chadbourne 0:37
  4. Ghosts Eugene Chadbourne 0:30
  5. Witches and Devils Eugene Chadbourne 0:39
  6. The Father The Son The Holy Ghost Eugene Chadbourne 0:40
  7. Truth Comes Marching In Eugene Chadbourne 0:39