Fire Ant ‎– FA CD-1008 - 1996

A melange of lo-fi, wacked-out, off-the-wall, country tunes from a variety of regional musicians, misfits, no-counts and wannabes. These tasty tunes are by a variety of musicians that you may have or should have heard of by now. Zen Frisbee and the Backsliders have been on the verge of signing with larger labels, Eugene Chadbourne is a househould word in some parts of the world and Unknown Hinton has his own cable access show called the "Wild Wild South". Tom Montefu sco and Mr. Peters have both had earlier, well received FireAnt releases. Artist and Track Listing for "Bubbahey Mud Truck" Zen Frisbee: Alabama (intsrumental), Alabama, Baxter Jones ,Headless Horseman, Backsliders: Tulsa Country ,Cowboy Boots/Aloha Sheve and Dano ,Tom Montefusco: Blackberry Blossom ,Who Broke the Lock ,Mr Peters Boom ,Chime: Loving Her was Easier ,Eugene Chadbourne: Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi , This Newt is Made For Squawking ,Unknown Hinson: Baby Let's Play Rough

This is not a grab-bag assortment of odds and ends but a cohesive collection for an adventurous listener. It's a logical statement about the weird sate of country music and the direction it's going. 

Track 7: Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi
Track 10: This Next Is Made For Squawking