Knitting Factory kfr-252 - 1999

I Talk To The Wind
Evil Filthy Preacher/Zappa Medley/Boy With The Coins/Ballad Of Easy Rider
They Can Make It Rain Bombs
Life x 2-1
Used Record Pile
Let's Go Back In Time/Ollie's Playhouse/In The Cemetary/Oil Of Hate/There Stands The Glass/Feel...
Sword & Shield

Bruce Ackley -Guest Artist, Sax (Soprano)
Eugene Chadbourne - Banjo, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Molly Chadbourne - Vocals
Graham Connah - Keyboards
Tim Holmes – Reeds
Victor Krummenacher – Bass
David Lowery – Vocals
Chris Pedersen – Drums
Murray Reams – Drums
Jonathan Segel - Mandolin, Violin