House of Chadula 1991


1. Cop Died For Gold Course / People With Too Much  
2. Cross My Heart  
3. Christian Canons  
4. Memories Of Dubrovnik  
5. Dirt  
6. The Bird  
7. Big Muddy  
8. Bunyan  
9. Jesus Protects Mexico  
10. Devil On The Radio  
11. Skip A Rope


  • Producer – David Stilley, Eugene Chadbourne, Joee Conroy
Joee Conroy: Sitar, Dulcimer, Mini-bass, Cello, Violin, 2nd lap steel 
David Stilley: All reeds and flutes and created multi-track horn sections 
Murray Reams: Drums 
Tracks 9, 10, 11: 
All Instruments played by Chadbourne 
Jon Rose: violins and prepared cello