1. The Cat In The Corner Eugene Chadbourne 0:54
  2. I Know What You Like (Studio) Eugene Chadbourne 0:58
  3. Smash The Windows Eugene Chadbourne 0:57
  4. Beat It Eugene Chadbourne 0:50
  5. Munro Jumper Eugene Chadbourne 0:51
  6. Beakin' The Law Every Day Eugene Chadbourne 0:56
  7. Wollop The Pot Lid Eugene Chadbourne 1:10
  8. River Man Eugene Chadbourne 1:09
  9. I Know What You Like (Live) Eugene Chadbourne 0:55

For St. Patrick’s Day, 2009, Malachy Papers and I scored Kansas City gigs and I followed up on my hunch that traditional tunes from the Irish fiddle book would make good modern jazz material. Nobody else thought so, this is one of my worst sellers ever. Mostly it is a beautiful studio recording but the live tracks (also high quality) include non Irish covers of River Man and Beat It.

EC: guitars, banjo, voice
Mark Southerland: tenor saxophone, electric saxophone, 8- track manipulation, homemade instruments
Mike Dillon: drums, percussion, vibraphone, tables, etc.
Johnny Hamill: acoustic and electric bass

Second album with Malachy Papers recorded live in Kansas City during the 2005 Chadfest.