Dr. Chad with Monster, Randy Hutton and Jimmy Carl Black, with several solo tracks and some archival matrial. Always interesting and well-paced, it's another welcome addition to his immense catalog - the Monster material particularly is inspired stuff, while the solo/song material shows Chad's instrospective side, reminding of how lyrical the oft-cantankerous doctor can be. As always unusual and fascinating packaging (see specifications below) that make one want to own several just to see what unusual material he's stuffed inside - the one's at hand have pictures of a lawn gnome, woodlawn scenes, chopped and indecipherable photos, and one with photos but cut up descriptive text.

1. Banjojam (arr. Chadbourne) 2006
2. Dust my Broom (Elmore James) 1971
3. Medley of Early and Jazz Themese as collection the "My New Life" cassette
4. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) 2005
5. Dang Me (Roger Miller) 2005
6. Sky Saxon's City of Corruption (Sky Saxon) '90s
7. Angels of Reality (Lizz & Eugene Chadbourne) 2006
8. Love Minus Zero No Limit (Bob Dylan) 1971
9. Why Don't We Do It on the Road (Lennon-McCartney) 2006
10. Theme from Membrane and Song to the Saviour 1982, 1969
11. Psychotic / Peace Warriors (Count 5 / Ornette Coleman)

House of Chadula 2006

Some fans and customers got a sneak peek at this new CD last year. More than 35 years of recordings are anthologized in this extremely enjoyable collection that has been praised by savvy Doc Chadiacs. Dennis Burton came up with several duets with Randy Hutton including an early, bizarre deconstruction of a Bob Dylan song. On a much more recent note are collaborations with the French band Monstre which include a fine take on Why Don't We Do it in the Road with guest vocalist Jimmy Carl Black and a new version of Lizzie Chadbourne's heavy metal epic Angels of Reality. There are also beefy solo tracks from through the years and an actual recording of one of my high school friends fighting with his father about the car, coupled with a song I wrote at the age of 15. Other tracks include Fast Car, Peace Warriors and Banjo Sam. 

Eugene Chadbourne-concept, vocals, guitars, banjo, personal effects
Tracks 3,4,5,6,10,11 Solo
Tracks 2, 8 Duet with Randy Hutton-acoustic guitar, vocals
Track 9 with Jimmy Carl Black-guest vocals
Tracks 1, 7, 9 with Monstre:
Lionel Mauguen-electric guitar
Morgan Landure-theremin, whistle, tube, french voice
Fabrice Louisin-drums
Arnaud Le Gouefflec-bass
Christophe Gales-Sound