Released 1992

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This band was active in the late ‘80s and early 90’s, releasing one self-titled CD on the Fundamental label. That is VOLUME ONE,  highlights including originals Our Neighborhood, The High Safeway, Piddle House, Pillhappy Principal and the epic Another Day Gone Another Lawman Wrong. A flaw in the Fundamental release piled everything onto one track (70 minutes long!) and chopped off CD bonus tracks. (The LP version however was never released). Both of these problems are corrected with my CD-R version. Participants include Murray Reams, Bob Jordan, Chis Turner, Gil Fray , David Doyle and Lenny Kaye.

1. Sperm Bank
2. Piddle House
3. Pillhappy Principal
4. Another Day Gone Lawman Wrong
5. High Safeway
6. Our Neighborhood
7. Jack Jonson Dustbuster
8. Dreamt I Was Young Again
9. Free Bird
10. Ghosts
11. Curling
12. Cocaine For Children
13. Air Of Authority
14. Bernadette Gnossiennes
15. Jack Johnson Rake
16. Preachin' Blues