House of Chadula 2003

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OK, Chad puts out a lot of stuff, but this is an excellent encounter. Kytasty plays beautifully, and they find some great common ground as they feel each other out. Evan Rapport makes sure things don't get too touchy-feely.

"A new series of improvised groupings on CD demonstrates that the good Doc is still spending alot of time extemporizing with unusual and intriguing group formations. The Ukranian bandura player Julian Kytasty, who has also recorded with Derek Bailey, gets to go on a different kind of trip here. Also featured is Evan Rapport, a fine reed player associated with the Baltimore scene who plays multiple reeds at once and also blows a mean shofar. Speaking of which, "The Shofar Keep a Blowin'" is one of the hits here along with a version of "Volunteered Slavery." Some listeners say this is the funniest Dr. Chad CD they have ever heard."

-House of Chadula

Julian Kytatsy-banduora, flutes, percussion, vocals
Eugene Chadbourne-banjo, guitar, vocals
Evan Rapport-soprano, alto, tenor saxophones, clarinet, flutes, shofar