Two new compact discs by Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, recorded with his favorite engineers and producer in his favorite haunt, SEA OF SHIT IN THE LAP OF LUXURY in Sooke, British Columbia.

As part of a recently concluded tour that covered much of the west coast, I spent several days recording solo guitar and banjo under the auspices of Scott Henderson and Scott Bennett, using the German-made Hofner archtop I acquired in the 1980s when starting out my first “free improvised country and western be bop” band, The Chadbournes.

The sound on these recordings is technically the best I have gotten on disc since the popular
Intake items Strings and Songs, in fact I like the new ones much better not only because they are new but because they don’t have the “huh? huh?” reverb the Swiss engineer savored.

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House of Chadula 2017

The two CDs are collectively titled Chilly Willie.

CHILLY is a collection of original songs with a couple of new parody texts.

WILLIE is a collection of interpretations of other writers, a good half dozen of them vintage Wilie Nelson pieces.  The Hofner guitar was one of the first I learned Willie Nelson songs on, in fact the neck fell off one day while practicing “On the Road Again” and had to be glued back on.

In both cases I am featured singing and playing guitar and banjo, with some guest appearances by Gary Cherwonka on pedal steel.

I wrote some new songs for CHILLY and also revisited originals that have been recorded in other contexts. The program features Numbers for the Wind, Song For Wes, Am I That Easy to Forget (Kisliak), Big Boys with Little balls, Armagedone, Needle in a Tub, Complicated, Hidden Song, Pepper Mine, Beggermaster and Song for Robert Harris.

For WILLIE I chose the following favorites to interpret, by Willie Nelson unless otherwise indicated:

I Want to Go With You (Hank Cochran)
Songs for Aging Children    (Joni Mitchell)
Creep   (TLC)
What can You do to me Now?  (Nelson-Cochran)
It Should be Easier Now
Suffer in Silence
Wake me When Its Over
Keep on Pushin’  (Curtis Mayfield)
And So Will you my Love
Time in a Bottle (Jim Croce)
To Be   (John Coltrane)