"Winding down for now with my series of song collections, I have begun a new Concertoseries of extended works for my arsenal of instruments and newly tweaked studio set up. These are extended instrumental works covering a wide range of material! I think they sound really fine.

The homemade Smoke Detector is featured in a wide range of instrumental settings involving organ, piano, a vintage Martin acoustic, the Bo Diddley Gretsch electric and Doc Chad's large scale percussion ensemble. This piece has already provoked some of the most extreme reactions of my career--it has actually been banished from certain premises. While dedicated to Steve Lacy who liked to "walk around upstairs" in the high register, Concerto of the Smoke Detector may simply be too extreme even for Lacy."
-Doc Chad

Recorded in December 2011.
House of Chadula 2012


Eugene Chadbourne - home-made prepared guitar, smoke detectors, percussion, Gretsch Bo Diddlet guitar, Martin acoustic 6-string, organ, piano, Casio samplers, prepared piano, personal effects, tapes, transistor radio