"Perhaps now The Rake will be taken seriously"-Eugene Chadbourne, from the back cover.

Doc Chadbourne tells us:
"You may want to stock some of Mike Schafer's new CD issues of classic cassette titles of mine. They are very nicely done and I am stocking them.

These always include new masters of the original cassette material, nothing added or taken away. In some cases some additional nonsense is tossed on at the end because Schafer is sort of a packrat and does not like the idea of empty space at the end of a CD.

A. Constellation Rake  
B. Constellation Rake  


  • Banjo, Instruments [Rake], Edited By – Eugene Chadbourne
  • Effects [Videogames] – Jenny Chadbourne
  • Instruments [Effektron Rake], Electric Guitar, French Horn – David Doyle
  • Vocals, Instruments [Mirage Rake], Grand Piano – Gilfred Lee Fray
  • Voice – Molly Chadbourne

Originally released on cassette tape in 1986.