A1  Der Fuehrer's Face - Music By – Oliver Wallace   3:03
A2  The Mayor's New Law   2:08
A3  Why Kids Go To School   2:10
A4   Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die - Music By – Country Joe McDonald   2:35
A5  Cops Of The World / Nicaragua - Music By – Sanders, Kramer , Ochs   4:05
A6  10 Most Wanted List   4:00
A7  I'm Your Neighbor   2:15
A8  Better Comin' Out Than Goin' In   2:00
B1  The Bully Song   2:00
B2  Fables Of Faubus - Music By – Charles Mingus   3:21
B3  KKKremlin   2:25
B4  They'll Never Lock Him Up   2:51
B5  Sex With The Sheriff   2:06
B6  Corpses / Pol Pot / Creator Medley -The Creator Has A Master Plan - Music By – Leon Thomas, Pharoah Sanders   7:00
B7  Phil Medley - Outside A Small Circle Of Friends / White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land / I'm Gonna Say It Now - Music By – Phil Ochs   5:00

Recorded At – Midwest Recorders - Distributed By – The Cartel - Distributed By – Landslide Records

Brian Ritchie  - Acoustic Bass, Bass [8-string, Fretless], Guitar [12-string], Conch, Piccolo Flute, Flute [Nose], Whistle [Slide], Vocals

Victor De Lorenzo  - Drums [Snare], Bass Drum, Tom Tom [Tom-toms], Percussion [Cocktail Drum], Performer [Trance-a-phone], Bells, Whistle [Train], Triangle, Cymbal [Little Cymbals], Vocals

Eugene Chadbourne  - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar [6-string, 12-string], Acoustic Guitar [6-string, 12-string], Banjo [6-string]

Peter Balestrieri  - Saxophone [Alto, Baritone], Harmonica, Vocals

Proving again that everything old is new again. Chadbourne's 1986 release with the Violent Femmes, his tribute to Bush the First. Included are covers of Spike Jones' "Der Fuehrer's Face" and Mingus' "Fables of Faubus" and a Phil Ochs' medley. Plus the timeless classics "KKK Kremlin," "10 Most Wanted List" and "Sex with the Sheriff."

Music By – Eugene Chadbourne (tracks: A2, A3, A6 to B1, B3 to B5)
Recorded 17-20 December 1985 at Midwest Recorders in Milwaukee
Artwork [Front Cover Painting And Labels] – Jenny Chadbourne
Artwork By [Back-cover] – E=MC²