House of Chadula Cassette 1991

A1. Home Sweet Home Revisited  
A2. What Can You Do To Me Now  
A3a. Drum Unit Of The 207th Official Quaker Pt.1 Draws Astonished Response From Local Congress Woman (Field Recordings From Recent Team Research Project In Guilford)  
A3b. Pt.2 Master Drummer Irvio M. Drassler II Recorded Near Cemetary  
A3c. Pt.3 Praise Singer Lizzabetsy With Trad. Drum Unit Of Guilford Co Cemetary Tree Division. Eddie Chatterbox Also Appears Along With The Aforemention  
A4. The Bird  
A5. Miller Beer  
A6. Brilliant Corners  
A7. Pt.1 Jack Here  
A8. I Kill Therefore I Am  
A9. Big Sandy River  
B1. Goose Song  
B2. East Tennessee Blues  
B3. Prelude To Mary Had A Little Lamb  
B4. Smokey Mtn. Rag  
B5. E.Tenn Quartett Mistop  
B6. Paddy On The Turnpike  
B7. Kate's Solo  
B8. Molly's Solo Incl. Bumblebee  
B9. Brown County Breakdown  
B10. Molly's Scary Story  
B11. Sam's Tune  
B12. Denver Belle  
B13. 100 Cocks Revisited