House of Chadula Cassette - 4 Cassettes - 1991

Tape 1: 75th Sinfunny
A1. Voodoo Vengeance  
A2. Milestones  
A3. I Still Miss Someone  
A4. Okie  
A5. Honky Tonk  
A6. Take The Skinheads Bowling  
A7. Nap Ma  
B1. Feel Like (Iraq)  
B2. Sword + Shirno  
B3. Bye Bye Ddr  
B4. Hand Of Rake  
B5. Rhythm Of Death  
B6. Untitled  
B7. Ohio  
B8. Ballad Of Easy Rider  
B9. Oil Of Hate  
  Tape 2: 75th Sinfunny Pt.2 "Dirty Sock Extension"
C1. Used Record Pik  
C2. Untitled  
C3. Life's A Gag  
C4. Hum-Allah  
D1. Rhythm A ...  
D2. Hand Of Death  
D3. There Stands The Glass  
  Tape 3: 78th Sinfunny
E1. 10 Most Wanted List  
E2. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down  
E3. Ollie's Playhouse  
E4. Christian Canons  
E5. Milestones  
E6. Got 2 Again  
E7. Voodoo Vengeance  
E8. Lonnie's Lament  
F1. Fayettenam  
F2. National Weed Growers Association Song  
F3. Ohio  
F4. Pleasant Street  
F5. Denver Belle  
F6. E.Tenn. Blues  
F7. Oil Of Hate  
F8. Tch7h Comes Marching In  
F9. Musicale Management  
F10. Nostalgia In Times Sq.  
  Tape 4: 79th Sinfunny
G1. Reason To Believe  
G2. Creator Has A Master Plan  
G3. Day Tripper  
G4. Old Piano  
G5. E.Tenn. Blues  
G6. Happy New Year  
G7. Oh Yoko  
G8. Ballad Of Easy Rider  
H1. Home Sweet Home Revisited  
H2. Got 2 Again  
H3. Milestones  
H4. 10 Most Wanted List  
H5. Voodoo Vengeance  
H6. Napma


  • Featuring – Chris Pedersen, Eugene Chadbourne, Graham Connah, Jonathan Segel, Murray Reams,Victor Krummenacher, Walter Malli