House of Chadula 2009

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Doc Chad's new solo series features "in progress" material, new songs and recordings. This CD includes the new songs "Put me Back in the River", "Missing Something", the "Ice Song", plus new extended versions of "Wrestling Woman" and other classics. There is also a first listen to a new recording project involving Scott Henderson, Victoria BC recording engineer and player (Hissanol, Vinagrettes, NoMeansNo, etc, etc).

Recorded by Scott Henderson or Pink Bob Harper or Doc Chad.

Eugene Chadbourne-banjo, voice, 8-string bass, electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, &c.
Scott Henderson
Pink Bob-bass
Brian Reedy-drums

1. The Circle Song 6:23
2. Sword + Shield 4:05
3. Put Me Back To The River 8:13
4. Missing Something 7:29
5. Forgiven 8:59
6. Keep An Eye On My Liitle One 5:50
7. The Ice Song 8:10
8. Oups 0:04
9. Devil On The Radio 3:06
10. Wrestling Woman 14:02
11. Jesse's Desk 9:17