"Dennis Burton found this recording in a trunk Randy Hutton left behind, assumed it was a New York gig and digitized it. The source is actually a duo concert in Udine, Italy, that was originally recorded on reel to reel, professionally, sound is top notch. This is music nobody has heard, since the duet of Chadbourne and Centazzo has only been briefly documented on compilations. Lots of wild guitar--dobro, 12 string and a cheap electric from Centazzo's closet--are combined with Centazzo's marvelous blend of percussion equipment and cheap electronics."-Eugene Chadbourne

Recorded December 29, 1978 in Udine, Italy

Eugene Chadbourne-dobro, 12 string, cheap electric guitar borrowed from Andrea, hand held microphone, personal effects

Andrea Centazzo UFIP gongs and cymbals, drum set, percussion, electronics

House of Chadula 2006