"The classic duo of Doc Chad and Steven de Bruyn --guitar/banjo and harmonica--have a new studio recording out, originals songs & covers--tracked at the best studio in Brussels... country, folk, blues, improv....includes Adrift! The Love Drone, Best Kept Secret, Why Can't I Get out of My Bed, Four Strong Winds, the Old Piano, Peaceful Moment and more."

Recorded on April 1st, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium at Jet Studios by Rudy Coclet.

Doc Chad-guitars, banjo, dobro, vocals
Steven de Bruyn-harmonicas, vocals, dobro, loops, electronics

1. Adrift 8:34
2. Four Strong Winds 5:20
3. The Love Drone 6:43
4. Spider On My Face 5:09
5. Who Knows Where The Time Goes 7:30
6. Best Kept Secret 6:41
7. Old Piano 6:23
8. Bingo Dingo Ringo 8:15
9. Peaceful Moment 5:53
10. Why Can't I Get Out Of Bed 5:46