Side One : Arbe Garbe special guest Eugene Chadbourne
Complete Communion (Complete Communion / And Now / Golden Heart / Remembrance) Elephantasy (Elephantasy / Our Feelings / Bishmallah / Wind, Sand and Stars) / (Don Cherry)

Side Two : JesterN
Complete Communion JesterN's Hack/ Elephantasy JesterN's Hack (Don Cherry)

Flavio Zanuttini : trumpet
Roberto Fabrizio : guitar
Federico Galvani : accordion
Giacomo Zanuttini : tuba
Marco "Padiar" Bianchini : drums
Alberto Novello : hack & mix
EC (special guest) : banjo and balloons


Complete resurrection of the mythical album of Don Cherry (1966), corner stone of the modern jazz, reworked in workshop by the Italian sculptors of Arbe Garbe (already responsible with Chadbourne of "The Great Prova"). The disc (vinyl) retains the original tracklist and wisely reinvents the Blue Note sleeve. Except that the band leaves out the gouges, scissors rifloirs and other rabots, opting for a punk chasing and bush hammered with pneumatic chisel. The beautiful harmolodic abstraction mutes in speedfreak deflagrations and flying from dervishes turners (incredible Flavio Zanuttini!) On riffs in the tuba and under the pestle of Marco Bianchini, as if Lemmy rolled up Ornette Coleman. Chadbourne intervenes little but his banjo makes sparks and adds his layer of dementia (on the other hand he takes the lion's share in the rest of the sessions published in "Why Practice When You Can Eat?", A CD of House of Chadula, indispensable. ..). The second side is mixes by Alberto Novello (aka JesterN) which brushes the pieces with the jungle sauce for a result much less convincing than the previous one.