House of Chadula 2013

The 5-piece Friulian party band Arbe Garbe teams up with Eugene Chadbourne for this romping and diverse set of tunes, from surf rockers to a cover of "Ruby My Dear" switched up with political lyrics. Chad's "Women against Pornography" almost makes an appearance, as does the more recent "Roll Over Berlosconi" for the infamous Italian leader, and the acerbic and caustic "Ollie's Playhouse. Parts of the album are live and others recorded in the studio, all with great production. Pairing Chad with a party band is a strange combination, but strange nothing new for the good Doctor, and this album really rocks!


1. A Little Tunnel 3:39
2. Roll Over Berlosconi 3:22
3. Elephantasy 9:07
4. Ruby My Dear 4:40
5. Ollie's Playhouse 2:36
6. I'm Your Neighbor 2:22
7. Old Piano 7:07
8. Kkkremlin 2:13
9. Birthday 2:24
10. Mayor's New Law 3:02
11. Why Kids Go To School 2:29
12. Down the Drain 5:19
13. Women Against Pornography 2:22
14. Complete Communion 12:06

Doc Chad-voice, guitar, banjo
Federico Galvani-accordion, vocals
Flavio Zanuttini-trumpet, vocals
Giacomo Zanuttini-tuba
Roberto Fabrizio-guitar, vocals
Marco Bianchini-drums