Eugene Chadbourne-guitar, personal effects
John Zorn-alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, game calls

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Historic recordings from 1977-1980 of guitarist Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn on sax, clarinet and game calls, performing together or solo in New York, San Francisco, Woodstock, NY, Toronto, ON, and New Orleans, LA. Most of these recordings are from before the Downtown NY scene had formed, but already these two players were taking unusual approaches to improvisation that were mostly unprecedented at the time. These recordings provide a view into the early careers of two artists who helped influence a large community of creative musicians, and who continue to surprise 5 decades later.

1. Double AA SF Cal. Dec. 1977 5:40
2. Duo. Woodstock Ny, April 1980 18:30
3. EC solo SF Cal. Dec. 1977 2:03
4. Two duos, also S.F., Cal. 5:20
5. Duo, NY NY, May, 1979 12:37
6. Duo, Woodstock, NY, April 1980 12:44
7. Zorn solo, Toronto, March 1978 6:04
8. Zorn solo, New Orleans, Aug. 1978 0:23

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