"This Me and Paul set, released in its entirety, came to light in 2006 and was passed along by Paul Lovens with his recommendations. It had been a long travel day including a frightening experience getting off at the wrong Warsaw station, but there we finally were onstage in front of fanatic crowds who had been waiting a long time to see me in Poland. Byob Club, Everyone's been Burned and some other familiar numbers are part of a set which also includes a cover of 19th Nervous Breakdown and There's A Small Hotel, Lovens claiming I go off key in the latter--what? me? offkey? Never!"
-Eugene Chadbourne

Eugene Chadbourne-guitar, banjo, voice
Paul Lovens-selected and unslected drums and cymbals

1 There's A Small Hotel / Hickory Wind 11:56
2 I Don't Live Today / Purple Haze 13:34
3 I'm Glad There Is You 7:15
4 A Good Year For The Wine 9:24
5 Old Man From The Mt. 10:13
6 Sound Of Music / Apeman 4:42
7 Snowdrop/Clear Spot/Rhooba Train/Everyone's Been Burned/Corcovado/Byob Club /19th Nervous Breakdown 14:12

  • Drums [Selected And Unselected Drums], Cymbal [Selected And Unselected Cymbals] – Paul Lovens
  • Guitar, Banjo, Voice – Eugene Chadbourne
Recorded at Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 11.2.2001