Eugene Chadbourne-guitar, banjo, vocals

House of Chadula 2008

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"These are part of the program on the new release entitled Doc Chad Election. With the exception of an Albert Ayler cover on banjo, this CD is entirely original material including studio tracks and new performances of many classics ... this release merges the ongoing political series with the new series of original composition recordings and it is of course all part of the library of solo recordings."-Eugene Chadbourne

1. Election Song
2. Truth Comes Marching In
3. I Hate The Man Who Runs This Bar
4. Penis Non Grata
5. Old Piano
6. They Can Make It Rain Bombs
7. People Will Vote
8. Spot
9. Jesse's Desk
10. National Propaganda Radio
11. 10 Most Wanted List
12. Your USA And My Face
13. Cop Died For Golf Course
14. When You Dream About Bleeding
15. I Cut The Wrong Man
16. R.I.P. Joe The Duck