Greetings From Pino and Bacco is compiled from two solo sets Eugene Chadbourne played in Roccamonice, Italy, on March 27th, 1999. It mainly features his modified Guild Slim Jim guitar, but also includes a banjo segment and the obligatory rake solo to wake up any drowsy members of the audience. It is a strong solo album, even though it was recorded by "the Doctor" himself (sound quality is OK, but crowd noises become disruptive in quiet passages). It contains a much higher percentage of protest songs than Any Other Suggestions? and Normalized, which is a pleasure to hear. "Peace," "Veteran's Day Poppy," "Snowdrop (Nazi Punks Fuck Off)," and "Dirt" all constitute strong moments, but the real highlight is the exhilarating banjo instrumental "Abruzzo Fox Hunt." Jazz covers are limited to Eric Dolphy's "Miss Ann." The Doctor's solo sets are of varying quality, but he was obviously in great shape that day. If the concerts had been recorded under better conditions, Greetings From Pino and Bacco would have made a great "official" release. In this form, it stands as one of the very interesting titles the man released on his home label, House of Chadula -- it goes beyond the mere historical document or completist item.

-Review by François Couture, All Music

House of Chadula 2000

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  1. Peace Eugene Chadbourne 0:53
  2. Ask Me Now Eugene Chadbourne 0:50
  3. Veteran's Day Poppy Eugene Chadbourne 0:55
  4. Buggy Boogie Woogie Eugene Chadbourne 0:54
  5. First Time In Abruzzo Region Eugene Chadbourne 1:04
  6. Psychotic Reaction Eugene Chadbourne 0:51
  7. Snowdrop Eugene Chadbourne 0:04
  8. Nazi Punks Fuck Off Eugene Chadbourne 0:40
  9. Dirt Eugene Chadbourne 0:57
  10. Abruzzo Fox Hunt Eugene Chadbourne 0:04
  11. Miss Ann Eugene Chadbourne 0:52
  12. The Rake Eugene Chadbourne 1:00
  13. One More Book Of Matches Eugene Chadbourne 1:04
  14. D Medely Eugene Chadbourne 1:00
  15. Truth About This Region Eugene Chadbourne 0:50