Chapter Two in the ongoing series of political protest collections ... a collection of originals and covers, some new, some drawn from the archive of unreleased live performances. The cover version of "Jimmy Joe, The Hippiebilly Boy" by Ed Sanders brought this positive response from Sanders the maestro himself: "I was touched by your rendition...even as to repeating my vocal errors." One of the Fugs making vocal errors? Who woulda thought? It is ALL solo except for the final track, a quartet version of Up Against the Wall You Redneck Mother featuring Sicilian trumpeter Roy Paci, harmonica ace Walter Daniels and mandolinist Barry Mitterhof.-House of Chadula

1. Classify Terror By Color  
2. Nazi Punks Fuck Off  
3. We Keep The KKK In Line  
4. Oxford Town  
5. National Weed Association Song  
6. Ornithology  
7. Your Racist Friend  
8. Your USA And My Face  
9. Sword And Shield  
10. Boraxo  
11. City Of Corruption  
12. Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy  
13. The Parade  
14. Checkers Of Blood


House of Chadula 2002