"It was no problem finding performers who wanted to pay tribute to the number eleven. Everyone wanted to be in on the action, so as a result the compositions Horror Part Eleven features excerpts from many of the greatest performances in the history of mankind, perfectly appropriate as there could be no mankind, and thus no history, without the number eleven.

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1,111 vinyl records were combined with an actual live performance by myself and Mark Dixon of Greensboro, North Carolina. This original performance took place at Gate City Noise (R.I.P...) in 2005 and was freely improvised. I played a prepared acoustic guitar and a banjo and Dixon had filled the stage with his homemade instruments, many of them robotic in nature and some involving reclaimed apparatus such as typewriters and washing machines.

The recording, editing and mixing processes utilized sets of rules based on the number eleven - this seemed more reliable than personal taste. In recent times it has been my pleasure to receive correspondence from your listeners interested in the fantastic art of audio collage. Beginning with the previous Horror Part 10: Convert Band Massacre by Evil Spell, my horror series is now illustrating the superb possibilities of collage utilizing my studio's new 24-track system."-Eugene Chadbourne, from the liner notes

House of Chadula 2007