1. The Return Of The Fender Champ Eugene Chadbourne 1:07
  2. The Return Of The Evil Club Eugene Chadbourne 1:10
  3. The Return Of The Thing With Two Heads Eugene Chadbourne 1:46
  4. The Return Of "Under The Bridge" Man Eugene Chadbourne 0:56
  5. The Return Of Hook-Polly Eugene Chadbourne 1:00
  6. The Return Of Hail Mary, Mother Of God Eugene Chadbourne 1:00
  7. The Return OfHenry Miller's Corpse Eugene Chadbourne 1:15
  8. The Return Of Decrepit Sawer Of Bones Eugene Chadbourne 1:10

Prepared acoustic and electric guitar solos collected under the title of The Evil Club.  

All 13 volumes in the series are available in a deluxe box, also included is the Leo release I Talked to Death In Stereo. The encompassing theme is horror and monsters and a variety of approaches take place, usually combining studio and live recordings, emphasis is on montage and intricate splicing. From Horror 8 the productions take on the new dimension of 24 track capability. The series began in the late ‘90s and has continued with a volume or two annually. 

House of Chadula 2002