House of Chadula 2001

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  1. Eyecheck Eugene Chadbourne 0:50
  2. Test, Including Death Of Monkey Eugene Chadbourne 0:10
  3. Coffee With Nurse Eeena Eugene Chadbourne 0:42
  4. Test Of X Eugene Chadbourne 0:50
  5. 'Add Another Drop; Party Eugene Chadbourne 0:48
  6. Operation Eugene Chadbourne 0:58
  7. Intermission Eugene Chadbourne 0:00
  8. Carnival Eugene Chadbourne 0:55
  9. Rickles Scheme Eugene Chadbourne 0:45
  10. Establishing Clinic Eugene Chadbourne 0:54
  11. Escaping Clinic Eugene Chadbourne 0:57
  12. Gambling Project, Car Crash and Tent Revival Eugene Chadbourne 0:48

1  Eyecheck   6:23
2  Test. Including Death Of Monkey   0:48
3  Coffee With Nurse Eeena   3:00
4  Test Of X   4:50
5  "Add Another Drop" Party   11:14
6  Operation   12:09
7  Intermission
8  Carnival   7:20
9  Rickles Scheme   3:07
10  Establishing Clinic   4:26
11  Escaping Clinic   7:01
12  Gambling Project, Car Crash And Tent Revival   16:00

The third chapter in our ongoing Horror series is a full length tribute to the Roger Corman classic, X The Man, etc. Just as Ray Milland as Dr. Xavier was able to see through clothes, bones and eventually the universe, Dr. Chad devised a way to see through all the music in the world, or at least everything that has been given to him, as this CD contains some sort of excerpt from every demo or promo recording the Dr. has ever been sent. Besides the good doctor the main featured soloist is the punk-viola-en-extreme goddess Eeeena Ballard, who outdoes herself here.