Medley : Brave New Coackroach ; Years after the Landing / Encroachment / Family History / Madagascar / Notes Produced By His Distant Relatives / Gromphado.


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  1. Medley: Brave New Cockroach; Years After the Landing Eugene Chadbourne 0:45
  2. Encroachment Eugene Chadbourne 0:41
  3. Family History Eugene Chadbourne 0:46
  4. Madagascar Eugene Chadbourne 0:52
  5. Notes Produced By His Distant Relatives Eugene Chadbourne 0:44
  6. Gromphado Eugene Chadbourne 0:44

EC : banjo, banjo-lin (or mandolin banjo), prepared piano, electric rake and electric pencil sharpener, acoustic guitar and dobro, percussion, keyboards, electric banjo, electric bass
Dan Plonsey : clarinet, sax, stunt oboe
Leslie Ross : bassoon
Charles Waters : clarinets and sax, casio
Carrie Shull : oboe
Barry Mitterhof : mandolin
Ted Reichman : accordion and keyboards
Evan Gallagher : casios and percussion
Ashley Adams : contrabass
Brent Dunn : contrabass
Brian Ritchie : acoustic bass guitar
Tom Heasley : tuba
Gino Robair : percussion

Originally released on the defunct House of Chadponk label, The Intellectual and Emotional World of the Cockroach is one of the greats in Chadbourne's Country and Insect series. Odd, squiggly, quiet pieces dedicated to the lowly little survivor.

House of Chadula 1997
House of Chadponk HRCD-008 - 1999