1-1a       Wrong Turn Wickimuck
1-1b       Ethnic Cleansing
1-2b       Fresh Garbage
1-3a       Willie The Pimp
1-3b       Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
1-4          Buggy Boogie Woogie
1-5a       Dust Blows Forward And Dust Blows Back
1-5b       The Cave
1-6          Steal Softly Through Sunshine
2-1          The Blimp
2-2          That's The Way Love Goes
2-3a       Everybody Loves A Nut
2-3b       Donna Lee
2-3c        The Umbrella
2-3d       Le Hippie Dogg
2-4          Concentration Moon
2-5a       My Banjo Wants To Kill Your Mama
2-5b       Family Recordings
2-5c        Mom And Dad
2-6a       The People With Too Much
2-6b       Help, I'm A Rock
2-6c        Woolly Bully

eugene 'jack' chadbourne: banjo, vocals
jimmy carl 'jim' black: drums, vocals

remixed and mastered by jimmy carl black
Inkanish Records & House of Chadula 2001