Eugene Chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black: drums, vocals

  1. more trouble coming every day (f.zappa)
  2. dirt (chadbourne)
  3. lizziebird (chadbourne)
  4. america drinks and get's drunk (chadbourne)
  5. take your clothes off (f.zappa)
  6. the blimp indian style (van vliet, black, chadbourne)
  7. the sheriff of hong kong (van vliet)
  8. clear spot (van vliet)
  9. this newt was made for squawking (chadbourne)
  10. so that nothin' blows away (chadbourne)
  11. a warm san francisco night (chadbourne)
  12. i'm not satisfied (f.zappa)
  13. the wild side of life (wells)
  14. i'm a king bee (s.harpo)
  15. price of paradise (d.boon)
  16. remember me (p.ochs)
  17. veteran's day poppy (van vliet)
  18. veteran's day poppy reprise (van vliet)

Inkanish Records 2003