Eclectic all around guitarist Eugene Chadbourne with ex-Zappa drummer Jimmy Carl Black have play together since the 90's performing as The Jack and Jim Show. Eugene Chadbourne curated a month of performances at John Zorn's NYC club The Stone in August, 2007. These recordings are from three days of Jack and Jim shows near the end of the month, with the aid of Brian Jackson on piano & voice, Tony Trisha on banjo and Thomas Heberer on trumpet. Songs include pieces by Jimi Hendrix, Haogy Carmichael, Captain Beefheart, Ernest Tubb, Roger Miller, and Chadbourne originals. Amazing mayhem and great performances!

Eugene Chadbourne-guitar, banjo, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black-drums, vocal
Brian Jackson-piano, vocals
Tony Trishka-banjo
Thomas Heberer-trumpet

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Label: Modern Alchemy 2007
Recorded live at the Stone, NYC 2007.

1. it's 5 o'clock somewhere
2. canons of christianity
3. byob club
4. cortez the killer
5. hello caecescu
6. mom & dad
7. startdust
8. i'd come back to me
9. i'm a king bee
10. the dust blows forward & the dust blows back
11. willie the pimp
12. the old piano
13. groovin'
14. clear spot
15. one more road to cross
16. wait until tomorrow
17. sandy lynn's blues
18. waltz across texas
19. answer the phone
20. bo diddley is a communist
21. big boss man
22. red house
23. she's about a mover