recorded live in venezia 02/06/2007
Inkanish Records 2004

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals

taped and edited by f.capaldi

produced by the jack and jim show

disc one

  1. jack talking  (e.chadbourne)
  2. orange claw hammer  (d.van vliet)
  3. pardon me, i’ve go someone to kill  (j.paycheck)
  4. condeleza rice  (e.chadbourne)
  5. snow flake  (traditional)
  6. big boss man  (j.reed)
  7. that buggy boogie woogie  (d.van vliet)
  8. hellow in there  (j.prine)
  9. cheny’s huntin’ ducks  (e.chadbourne)
  10. willie the pimp  (f.zappa)
  11. take your clothes off  (f.zappa)

disc two

  1. one more road to cross (dmx)
  2. good feeling (violent femmes)
  3. cortez the killer (neil young)
  4. the highway is my home (magic sam)
  5. i'm a king bee (slim harpo)
  6. it's five o'clock somewhere (brown / rollins)
  7. time after time (cindy lauper)
  8. mom and dad (f.zappa)
  9. an old dog named blue
  10. the dust blows forward (d.van vliet)