House of Chadula - Inkanish Cd-R  2001
Recorded 1995 June - Greensboro, North Carolina

House of Chadula
Inkanish Cd-R
1995 June - Greensboro, North Carolina

You Ain't Woman Enough (Loretta Lynn) / If I Had One (Tom T. Hall) / A Call From Elizabeth Dole (EC) / Nightmare on Helms St. (EC) / Dirt (EC/featuring Moll and Liz) / Medley : Trail of Tears (JCB) - Cherokee Trail of Tears (J.Littlefeather) / An American National Anthem (JCB) / Don't Ask Don't Tell (EC) / Dorothy Helms and Cuban Cigars (EC) / Today's Gun Permit (EC) / Help, I'm a Plunger (EC/JCB) / Or Help, I'm a Windshield Wiper (EC/JCB) / I Like The Way You Talk, Man (EC) / Put a Hit on a Bubble (EC) / Brother, Can You Spare a Dime ? (E.Y. Harburg/Jay Gorney) / My Pencil Won't Write no More (M.Waters).

Eugene Chadbourne : guitar, banjo, vocals, various instruments, multirecording
Jimmy Carl Black : drums and vocals
Lizzie & Molly Chadbourne : vocals