A             Pool       17:12
B             Pool (continued)              16:40
C             Pool (conclusion)             17:20
D1           Hockey (first Version)    11:16
D2           Hockey (second Version, Take 2)              3:42
D3           Hockey (second Version, Take 5)              2:43
D4           Hockey (second Version, Take 8)              0:50
D5           Hockey (second Version, Take 10)            0:59

Recorded At – Dick Charles Recording Inc.
Recorded At – Sorcerer Sound

John Zorn - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet [Bb, Mouthpiece], Other [Game Calls] – (tracks: A, B, C, D2 to D5)
Lesli Dalaba  - Conductor [Prompter] – (tracks: A, B, C)
Eugene Chadbourne  - Electric Guitar, Other [Personal Effects] – (tracks: D1)
Bob Ostertag  - Electronics [Serge] – (tracks: A, B, C, D1)
Charles K. Noyes  - Percussion, Saw, Other [Khéne] – (tracks: A, B, C)
Mark E. Miller  - Percussion, Vibraphone, Other [Contact Microphone] – (tracks: A, B, C, D2 to D5)
Wayne Horvitz  - Piano [Amplified] – (tracks: D1)
Polly Bradfield  - Violin – (tracks: A, B, C, D2 to D5)

Recorded By – Alan Fierstein (tracks: A, B, C, D2 to D5), Les Paul, Jr. (tracks: D1)
Mastered By – Howie Weinberg

Pool and Hockey (second version) recorded March 1, 1980 a Sorcerer Sound.
Hockey (first version) recorded at Dick Charles Studio.