2007 Reissue

Inspired by trips to Amsterdam, and an idea "ripped off" from Derek Bailey, Dr. Chadbourne has brewed up a dense, delicious, highly tweaked soup of Amsterdam street sounds weaving in and out of various Chadbourne performances. Listen as Eugene jams along with live music leaking from a local bar. Young Molly Chadbourne has her vocalizing used for dad's big wonderful mess; Jimmy Carl Black (Mothers of Invention) and Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) make guest appearances; Otto the dachshund is trapped inside a large box of toy drum machines; drug dealers hawk their wares; a visit to the Pink Floyd "coffee" shop is celebrated with a damaged cover of Syd Barrett's "See Emily Play"; etc., etc. Lots of exciting sounds to try and comprehend. Comes in a great home-style package, and includes a booklet with detailed notes by Chadbourne.

Full title: And on the eighth day God created Mad Doctors: And God said "Jungle Cookies." So there were Jungle Cookies

"Eugene Chadbourne, out of his base of operations in Amsterdam, began a series of cassette releases entitled Jungle Cookies. Here, on two CDs, the entire series is compiled. Chadbourne's musician's ear was constantly drawn to the random sounds outside his Amsterdam window. These sounds included conversation and music out of bars and shops. In seeking to recreate this eclectic, organic sound, Chadbourne includes radio, CDs, the voices of his two daughters, squeaking soprano saxophones, conversation, and more. Considering these recordings not as songs but as audio collage, musique concrète, sonic impressionism of Chadbourne's Amsterdam makes for a fascinating travelogue of vivid metaphor."
-Tom Schulte, All Music

Eugene Chadbourne
Molly Chadbourne
Lizzie Chadbourne
Chris Turner-harmonicas
Frank Pahl-euphonium
Lenny Kaye-guitar
Jimmy Carl Black-drums
Andrew Burnes-bass
Wes Daniel-electric guitar
Rob Parham-electric guitar
Sutart Voegtlin-drums
Jonathan Segel-violin, cheap organ
Victor Krummenacher-bass
Murray Reams-drums
Troy Spencer Kimber-guitar, keyboards
Dan Plonsey-alto sax and soprano sax
Walter Malli-soprano and alto sax
Rob Mallard-tenor sax
Luc Houtramp-tenor sax
Tom Heasley-tuba