1 Dance Chicken Corina Blackberry Medley 10:01
2 Alabama Jubilee 2:20
3 Kiss Off Vibrations - Written-By – Brian Wilson, Gordon Gano 4:10
4 Astronomy Domine - Written-By – Syd Barrett 5:02
5 The Johnson Boys 4:11
6 Kylie Into Danjur - Written-By – Cathy Dennis, Mystikal, Rob Davis 5:41
7 Froggie Went A Courtin' 3:02
8 Chapter 24 - Written-By – Syd Barrett 5:03
9 Graveyard 3:53
10 Reflections On Dueling Banjos - Written-By – Arthur Smith (2), Eugene Chadbourne, Kristin Blechdom* 8:39


Banjo, Piano, Vocals – Kevin Blechdom
Banjo, Vocals – Eugene Chadbourne

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Recorded live at the 2007 24e Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. Includes traditional and contemporary medleys with banjo, piano and voice.

"On the final day of the Festival, Eugene Chadbourne, the unique North Carolina advocate of hillbilly anarcho-improv, took the stage with Florida-born techno-conceptualist Kevin Blechdom (born Kristin Erickson) -- with long hair and gender-ambiguous coveralls, she might have been an adolescent male of the rural American South -- in a program devoted largely to banjo duets and country-fried vocals. The performance by The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience was very funny. Blechdom sang vacuous material with real passion, while Chadbourne fragmented idiomatic five-string banjo with chaotic runs. The whole event was genuinely strange (Chadbourne popped helium balloons and inhaled the escaping contents for instant falsetto) and immensely entertaining." --Stuart Broomer, Musicworks, Winter 2007. "New, surprising ideas still sneak into the mix. Take, for example, the (mostly) banjo duo of Eugene Chadbourne and Kevin Blechdom: closing a set which swerved deliriously from tipsy Americana to Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd covers, the pair goofballed 'Dueling Banjos.' Kevin (actually a woman) humped her banjo, and the pair enacted an onstage, starter pistol gunfight. Voila, a double whammy FIMAV first, with gunplay and sex with instruments!" --Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent, June 2007.