Evidence of the doctor "still going nuts in my studio, among other things creating a sonic adventure based on the life of Elizabeth Cotten, the finger picking gal who wrote Freight Train. Since my wife had been involved with "Libba" over the years I had tape recordings of her telling stories and singing acapello. I used this stuff to go in all kinds of directions and if you like productions such as Jungle Cookies, this is for you! Titles include I Want to Be Ready, Rattler, Rounder and Matt Workshop Freakout. "

1.I Want To Be Ready   9:53
2. It Aint No Lie   6:36
3. Spanish Flandang All Over The World   6:10
4. All Over The World Spanish Flandang   7:42
5. Matt Freakout Workshop   10:00
6. Jesus Lifted Me   5:27
7. Rain Frogs   5:45
8. Rattler   4:08
9. Rounder   5:11

House of Chadula 1995