"This is also recorded in Calgary, Alberta at what was a fantastic club. I had moved away and established Shockabilly out of New York City and Greensboro collectively, this was a rare opportunity to come back to one of my musical hometowns and present my up to date band. The sound board recording was tweaked marvelously by Dennis Burton-there was also a fine monitor mix on the stage itself so even more small detail was possible than usual for a Shockabilly club, the presence of aspects such as the cassette tape effects is really strong. I have heard a lot of live Shockabilly over the years and wonder if anyone agrees with me that this is some of the best stuff."
-Eugene Chadbourne

Recorded live at Ten Foot Henry on September 27th, 1983 by Dennis Burton.
House of Chadula 2011

Dang Me 1:25
People Are Strange 2:43
Heart Full of Soul 2:23
Moanin' The Blues 1:29
BYOB Club 2:16
National Bummer 3:37
8 Miles High 4:45
Homeward Bound 1:54
Plunger 2:39
Are You Experienced 2:31
Bluegrass Breakdown :32
Are You Experienced 2:31
Purple Haze 2:28
Vampire Tiger Girl 1:42
Your Good Girl 2:47
Hard Day's Night 1:29
Voodoo Vengeance 2:47
Stone 2:34
Tennessee Flattop Box 3:57
Rake 3:39
9th Nervous Breakdown 3:02
Psychotic Reaction 1:59
Hattisburg Miss 2:09
Secret of the Cooler 5:27
Train Kept a Rollin 2:20

Kramer-organ, bass, tapes, vocals, little instruments
Eugene Chadbourne-electric guitar, voice, plunger, rake
David Licht-drums