"Although inspired by a recent concert in Bologna, Italy, at the Museo della Musica, the new Doc Chad solo CD is basically a studio affair in which old and new original songs get the full treatment from the Doc on guitar, banjo and bajo sexto. Great new versions of "Evil Filthy Preacher", "Breakin' the Law Every Day", "Boy with the Coins", "Land of Use to Be", "Our Daily Lead", "Forgiven". New songs: "Birthday Song", "Pop My Trunk" (cover of the Houston rap hit by Wino!), "Roll Over Berlosconi", "Missing Something", "Shoe". The finale is a new cover version of the Beatles' "Birthday" featuring eccentric folk rockers Arbe Garbe and back up. One of the best sounding Doc Chad releases ever."

1. Pop My Trunk 4:01
2. Land of Use To Be 6:26
3. Evil Filthy Preacher 4:39
4. Birthday Song 6:45
5. Shoe 4:09
6. Roll Over Berlosconi 3:36
7. Our Daily Lead 3:08
8. Dreamt I Was Young Again 3:24
9. Breakin' The Law Everyday 6:52
10. Boy With The Coins 3:28
11. That's All Water Under the Bridge 8:31
12. Missing Something 7:35
13. Forgiven 7:53
14. Birthday 2:26

House of Chadula 2009
Recorded at Psychad, April 2009, except "Roll Over Berlosconi" which was recorded live at the
Museo Dell Musica, Bologna.

Eugene Chadbourne-all guitars, banjo, bajo sexto, organ, vocals
Walter Daniels-slide shislte on Pop My Trunk"
Arbe Garbe band on "Birthday"