More, much more, of the tantalizing trip through recordings in Stutgart, Moscow, Beacon and Boston, solo and in the new Weird But Comfortable band grouping and ongoing Doc Chad Contemporary Rock Band.

House of Chadula 2016

solo concert at the "apostisis festival" in st.petersburg, russia

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals

  1. monk's dream
  2. 8 miles high
  3. dirty deeds done dirt cheep
  4. goin' back
  5. hangin' on a star
  6. naima
  7. maybe people would be the times
  8. one more road t cross
  9. orange claw hammer  (don van vliet)
  10. price of paradise
  11. psychadelic basement
  12. 8 miles high
  13. slts
  14. sunday mornin' comin' down