House of Chadula Cassette 1988

A1. Nick Drake Medley : Way To Blue / Thought To Maryjane  
A2. My Favorite Things  
A3. Peace  
A4. Nazi Punks Fuck Off  
A5. Lay Down My Sword And Shield  
A6. This Land Is Your Land  
A7. No More Hot Dogs  
A8. Follow The Drinking Gourd  
A9. Mahnahmahnah  
A10. Tiny Tunes / Looney Tunes  
A11. Happy Happy Joy Joy  
A12. Oil Of Hate  
B1. You Got Two Again  
B2. Wild Goose  
B3. Oh Mary Don't You Weep  
B4. See Emily Play  
B5. My Favorite Things  
B6. Rake Vs Plunger Megadeath  
B7. Goodby Pork Pie Hat  
B8. Misterioso  
B9. Old Piano