Single CD Ictus 126 - 2010

The idea to melt together the original content of USA CONCERTS WEST and USA CONCERTS EAST came to my mind after listening over and over all those beautiful performances. Some were too long and some repetitions of material already included in other CD's.

Now I think that the CD can give a perfect overview of that extraordinary first experience in the US of the 80s, when in the same time, presenting some new hidden gems...
(Andrea Centazzo)

Tom Cora
John Carter
Vinnie Golia
Toshinori Kondo
Jack Wright
Davey Williams
Andrea Centazzo
Ladonna Smith
Eugene Chadbourne
Dave Williams
Gregg Goodman


1 Trio West #1 10:44
2 Trio West #2 8:15
3 Live In Woodstock 5:30
4 NY Tapes #1 4:59
5 No Wall 4:45
6 MC Clung #1 8:04
7 MC Clung #2 4:17
8 NY Tapes #2 5:37
9 Electric Duo 4:09
10 West Duo 9:53