NOSE HAIR #010, NOISEVILLE #51 split release/ House of Chadula 1995

Eugene Chadbourne, acoustic guitar, banjo, percussion, piano, electric bass, vocals;
Jin Hi Kim, komungo (track 02);
David Moss, drums, vocals, electronics (Track 09);
Jim Denley, unknown instrument (Track 09);
Han Bennink, harmonica, percussion, bugle (possible appearance on track 10);
Jonathan Segel, violin;
Victor Krummenacher, bass;
Leslie Ross, bassoon;
Murray Reams, drums;
Tim Holmes, sax (bass)


  1. Theme from Membrane (Eugene Chadbourne) (02.48)
    02. Peter Brötzmann Describes Seoul Nightlife to Jin Hi Kim and She Makes a Disgusted Face (Eugene Chadbourne) (10.05)
    03. Residue from Decision to Let an 18-Year Old Housesit While We Were … (Eugene Chadbourne) (00.06)
    04. Chasin Captain Jack/Electric Rake Solo (Eugene Chadbourne) (05.58)
    05. Brixton Punks Vs, Hippies Incident/Invitation to Jam Session (Eugene Chadbourne) (04.02)
    06. Family Visits/Eugene Stinks (Eugene Chadbourne) (03.59)
    07. Gospel Rake/Succesful Attempt to Terrify Neurotic Collie Featuring … (Eugene Chadbourne) (07.58)
    08. Nijmegen Hassen Hunt (Eugene Chadbourne) (04.27)
    09. Excerpt from One and Only Tel-Aviv Bats Gig (Eugene Chadbourne) (03.24)
    10. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone/Groningen Bells/Truth Is Marching In (Henry Bernard, Lois Mann, Henry Thurston, Morry Burns) (09.21)
    11. The Porthole (Eugene Chadbourne) (13:41)
    12. [Untitled Track] (Eugene Chadbourne) (04.26)

Recorded on various locations between 1984 and 1995
Track 02 recorded in Zürich in 1991
Track 09 recorded in Melbourne in 1985
Track 10 possible (partly) recorded at Grand Theatre in Groningen in 1995
House of Chadula 1995