Beautifully recorded 20-minute ep of solo banjo favorites. Traditional favorites "Cumberland," "Rabbit in the Pea Patch" and "Graveyard." Cousin Emmy's "Cluck Old Hen" and untraditional Capt. Beefheart favorite "Click Clack." French import, comes in a lovely gold and red embossed cardboard sleeve.

Released 2003 -Relax

Eugene Chadbourne-banjo

1. Cumberland  
2. Click Clack  
3. Rabbit in  
4. The Peapa Ch  
5. Cluc old Hen  
6. Sravega Rd  


Composed By – Cousin Emmy (tracks: 5)
Don Van Vliet (tracks: 2)
Eugene Chadbourne (tracks: 4),Traditional (tracks: 1 & 3)

Recorded in April 2002, at 2 AM, on a Tuesday Morning.
This title was originally released on French Relax-y-vous out of Pau, where it was recorded circa 2000 in a good studio one afternoon after I repaired the 5th string peg with a screw taken out of a light switch.  The tracks include Beefheart and old time covers and the only drawback was this was originally envisioned as a vinyl EP so playing time is only 20 minutes. The original edition with a limited edition cover from a French artisan printer is sold out, so I now make a CDr with a new cover.